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A World Class Metal Crafting Since 1953

More than 59 years in the industry has made an indelible mark for Suarez Bros, as a trusted name in craftsmanship and excellence in Metal Arts.

Since 1953, Suarez Bros has been the leading choice of the schools and its graduates for its finely crafted college rings as a symbol of achievement and excellence.

Its creativity, innovation and craftsmanship have become synonymous to its name. Indeed, pride and honor have never been crafted as creatively and excellently as Suarez Bros have. THE FIRST AND THE TRUSTED. Since 1953.



SUAREZ BROS. started in 1953, Cebu City, Philippines with APOLINAR & his brother  from Pulilan, Bulacan, personally taking charge of the business... from taking orders, metal stamping, to metal casting rings.

cebuhistoryInitially, our main line was Class rings. Ingenuity and creativeness enhanced with hard work, led to several other products. We started catering not only to schools and universities but also to big companies for their anniversary or inaugural tokens and souvenirs, to the Philippine Military for their several insignias and paraphernalia, to several corporations for their dry seals and company brass signages. The Suarez mark of distinction made it easy to penetrate the international market.

With more than fifty-nine years in the business, Suarez Bros. has evolved into high technology manufacturing with a work force of about 100 all over the Philippines. Suarez Bros. has 12 local branches, and still growing, to cater to its nationwide clientele, and another branch in Guam to cover its local and neighboring islands, including Hawaii.

SUAREZ BROS. aims to be a leader in metal stamping and metal casting products in the Philippines, and the whole world.



Passing the Torch, Continuing the Excellence...

Flying through the future with a rich heritage and expertise, Suarez Bros came into a mutual agreement with the family to run the business by Apolinar and his immediate family. The suarez Bros. that gained the trust of the market now continues with a better perspective.

Suarez Bros has now the combined strenghts of the innate entrepreneurial spirit of Apolinar and the innovativeness, aggressiveness and the modern marketing approach of the children who were all honed by their exposure to different successful ventures of their own.

Just when the market thought Suarez Bros has reached its peak, comes the new level of perfection, a new height of excellence.

The market is spoiled as the Original Suarez Bros comes bolder and bigger as it approaches the intricate challenges of the new decade.

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About Us

World Class Metal Crafting Since 1953

More than 50 years in the industry has made an indelible mark for Suarez Bros, as a trusted name in craftsmanship and excellence in Metal Arts.